Puppy & Junior Classes
2016- Nuneaton Dog Training Club

Starting with your Puppy 

Dogs are accepted into Puppy Class between 12 and 18 weeks of age, where the earliest age of 12 weeks is an approximate age based upon the dog having received its 2nd vaccination YOU SHOULD ALWAYS SEEK ADVICE FROM YOUR VET BEFORE ALLOWING YOU DOG TO MIX WITH OTHER ANIMALS Classes take place every Tuesday evening, starting at 7:30pm There is no booking requirement, so you are able to just turn up, enrol and start your training, but please arrive 15 mins earlier on your first visit Classes are progressed under Week No's that increment upon each attended lesson. All new starters commence under Week 01 for which an Instructor will provide a Puppy Induction Talk introducing the basics of puppy training and answering any questions or helping resolve any issues you have starting out with your puppy. We recommend that you attend Week 01 without your dog, unless this is inconvenient. Please note: membership renewals are from 18:45. For further information email puppies@ndtc.org.uk


Junior Classes 

For dogs between the age of 19 and 26 weeks a separate class is held every Tuesday evening at 8:30pm Operating on a weekly basis like Puppies, new starters should initially look to start by attending an Puppy Induction Talk at 7:30pm


Puppy & Junior Classes 

Both Puppy and Junior Classes are an essential introduction to socialisation with other dogs, where play and reward provide a platform for advancement into the Mainstream Training classes. Note - Completion of either class provides advancement directly into Mainstream Class 1 (Omitting the Beginners Class) During your time at puppies we like to encourage handlers to maintain a Puppy Diary and hopefully achieve the KC Puppy Foundation Course Award. This is available for all dogs up to the age of 12 months. Bring with you a plentiful supply of 'small' treats to provide your dog with a reward for its efforts.. You may wish to consider using special treats that you only provide during training sessions. Bring also a small toy to use during the classes - But no squeekies please - Too much of a distraction to all the dogs !