Puppy & Junior Classes
2016- Nuneaton Dog Training Club
For Dogs up to 8 months Dogs are accepted into puppy classes from 12 weeks of age, or 10 days their final vaccination injection. Please check with your vet before walking your puppy out in public or socialising with animals that may not be vaccinated.  19:30 on a Tuesday is for puppies between 12 weeks and 18 weeks (4 months). 20:30 ona Tuesday is for Juniors, puppies between 18 weeks (4 months) and 35 weeks (8 months).NOTE: Week one of nine is the introductions talk and Q&A. payments, it is recommneded to leave your puppy at home.    For more details of what is covered, please see the link below to "THE KENNEL CLUB GOOD CITIZEN DOG SCHEME – PUPPY FOUNDATION" ASSESSMENT. This is an nine-week course, and lays the foundations for early learning and assists new puppy owners in understanding basic training techniques. This award level is assessed by the class instructor over a minimum four-week period. You will be given a puppy induction talk, including the basics of puppy training and answering any questions or help resolve any issues you have with your puppy. You will be given a Puppy Foundation Assessment Diary to track your progress, and it will need to be submitted at the end so that we can generate your certificate.
Junior Classes   For dogs between the age of 19 and 26 weeks (approx) the 20:30 class on a Tuesday evening.(Please note: during this busy time, there could be a mixed of puppies and juniors at 2030    Puppy & Junior Classes  Both puppy and junior classes are an essential introduction to socialisation with other dogs, where play and reward provide a platform for advancement into the mainstream training classes. Note - Completion of either class provides advancement directly into mainstream class 1 (Omitting the Beginners Class)  During your time at puppies we like to encourage handlers to maintain a Puppy Diary and hopefully achieve the KC Puppy Foundation Course Award. This is available for all dogs up to the age of 12 months. You can download the puppy diary from the download pages of the website. Click this link to be taken to the download page   Bring with you a plentiful supply of 'small' treats to provide your dog with a reward for its efforts. You may wish to consider using special treats that you only provide during training sessions.  Bring also a small toy to use during the classes - But no squeekies please - Too much of a distraction to all the dogs !
For membership, booking and paymemt for Puppies and Juniors classes. 1. Click here https://nuneaton-dog-training-club.cademy.co.uk 2. Read The KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme – Puppy Foundation Assessment 3. Read the Welcome to the Nuneaton Dog Training Club letter, before arriving. 4. Read The Kennel Club Canine Code. For further information email puppies@ndtc.org.uk

Things to remember for puppy classes at NDTC

Bring high-value treats. Always have doggy poo bags in your pocket. Bring your dogs' favourite toy. Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your class Dogs to be kept on a lead unless requested by the instructor. Feel free to bring hand sanitisers and face masks if you want too. All training is outside, so please bring wet weather clothing. Don't bring your dog if: is in season, has Kennel cough or is unwell.