Flyball Training
2016- Nuneaton Dog Training Club


Flyball is a fast growing sport for dogs of any age or size, having a good level of fitness and a love for retrieving tennis balls. The sport is governed by the British Flyball Association under which competition in Starter Classes takes place from the age of 12 months, although dogs have to be at least 18 months old before being eligible to compete in a BFA Sanctioned Tournament. The competion event is a relay race, where each team consists of 4 dogs/handlers plus a 'box loader' with some reserve dogs. Teams then race against each other with each dog having to clear 4 hurdles, retrieve a tennis ball triggerred from the Fly-ball box, before returning over the same 4 hurdles. When the dog crosses the starting line, the next dog is released, although careful timing has to be considered to avoid disqualification by the judges. The first team to have its fourth dog finish wins the race and usually, it is the best of 3 runs over which each heat is decided. For general enquiries contact Sandra Long (024 7639 3468) or Stuart Harrison (01827 707293).
Training at NDTC Flyball training takes place on Monday evenings at 7:00pm (excluding bank holidays). However, in poor weather conditions (wet or slippery ground) it is extremely likely that the training will be cancelled as this can be dangerous for both dog and handler. Contacts: Therefore, if you would like confirmation that training will take place prior to travelling, then please contact either Sandra Long (07812 520511), Dave Long (07812 155424) or Stuart Harrison (07970 502747).