2016- Nuneaton Dog Training Club
Outdoors   we   have   a   level   grass   training   field   of   more   than   one   acre.   This   field   is   used   for   all   our training   classes   where   mixed   abilities   can   be   segregated   with   plenty   of   space   to   spare.   This   large   area is   especially   suitable   for   agility   and   flyball,   as   well   as   being   used   to   host   special   events   such   as   our annual Companion Dog Show.
Adjoining   our   clubhouse   is   a   small   kitchen   facility   that   provides hot and cold drinks and small snacks. On   Sunday   morning   only,   volunteer   chefs   can   cook   a   hearty breakfast   or   provide   a   variety   of   hot   batches   -   All   available   at extremely reasonable prices.
Our   purpose   built   clubhouse   is   a   great   place   to   meet   other dog   owners   making   socialisation   not   just   an   activity   for that of your dogs Frequent   induction   talks   are   provided   here   for   both   Puppy and    Mainstream    obedience    classes.    Indoor    training    is restricted   to   times   when   the   weather   is   particularly   bad and the groups are small enough to be accommodated